Event Name Covid-19 and the health technology revolution
Start Date 30th Oct 2020 3:30pm
End Date 30th Oct 2020 5:00pm
Duration 1 hour and 30 minutes


This seminar will explore some of the policy challenges arising from the accelerated use of technology in healthcare during the pandemic. The rapid adoption of new technologies - both in the hands of the NHS and the public - has been an essential part of the public policy response. But there are risks to be mindful of, and new challenges that previous generations have not had to confront.

We will discuss:

·       How technology has been used to support public health

·       The impact on clinical practice, patient experience and health organisations

·       The new challenges arising from partnerships between tech and government

The seminar is taking place on Zoom.


Meeting ID: 823 1463 8420
Passcode: cQ^M0Y2w