Event Name European Union health policy: tension and uncertainty in the post-crisis period
Start Date 12th Oct 2018 3:00pm
End Date 12th Oct 2018 4:00pm
Duration 1 hour

Prior to the economic crisis, EU health policy was emerging as a distinct field of study, with research centring upon the interaction between the free movement principles and domestic health systems, and the role of the EU in health governance. Today this scholarship faces a number of new parameters – a strengthened economic governance framework, uncertainties created by the departure of the UK, a severely curtailed EU health agenda – and the trajectory of ‘EU health studies’ is less clear. This seminar introduces the EU’s health policy and explores the research challenges which currently dominate this nascent field.

Eleanor is a Career Development Fellow in the Global Public Health Unit (GHPU) at the University of Edinburgh. She joined GHPU in November 2017 having previously held the post of Lecturer in International Public Policy at Queen Mary, University of London. Eleanor’s research focuses on the EU’s role in governing health, looking particularly at changing patterns of governance and integration.

***After the talk there will be plenty of space for open discussions between speaker and audience and following that all attendees are invited to join a drinks reception***