Event Name Migrating Lakes, Collapsing Mountains: Climate Change as a New Matrix of Animation in Northeast Siberia
Start Date 27th Oct 2017 3:00pm
End Date 27th Oct 2017 5:00pm
Duration 2 hours

The presentation will examine the impact of the latest environmental transformations on livelihoods of Every reindeer herders and hunters in Northeast Siberia. The dramatic changes implicated by annual floods, forest fires and melting permafrost are contributing to further collapse of an already fragile and gradually failing local transport and communication system. This discussion will focus on the ways entanglement of human and non-human is expressed in local experiences of and views on the the latest dynamic of cryogenic transformations and their impact on human-animal relations as well as infrastructural arrangements. I shall first discuss geomorphological features of permafrost paying attention to environmental challenges generated by melting ice grounds, then I shall move to a discussion of the ways cryogenic transformations impact local ecosystem, hydrology and human livelihoods, and how earth-reindeer-human entanglements unfold in the face of the intensified changes.