Event Name Roundtable: Citizenship, Race, and (Post-)Colonialism
Start Date 31st May 2018 3:00pm
End Date 31st May 2018 5:00pm
Duration 2 hours

The participants in this roundtable will analyse how citizenship has been historically constructed as racialised in affluent European countries. This history often gets obscured in political and academic debates about citizenship today. The explanatory categories of 'race' and the 'post-colonial' will be critically discussed in relation to the concept and current regimes of citizenship. Last but not least, comparative perspectives from the Global North will complement the more theoretical discussion.


Gurminder Bhambra, Professor of Postcolonial and Decolonial Studies, School of Global Studies, Sussex University,

Nasar Meer, Chair of Race, Identity and Citizenship, Sociology, Edinburgh University

Pontus Odmalm, Senior Lecturer in Politics, Politics and IR, Edinburgh University

Elisabeth Badenhoop, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Edinburgh University

Moderator: Jill Poeggel, Politics and IR, Edinburgh University

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