Event Name States of uncertainty: middle class accumulation in suburban Dar es Salaam
Start Date 18th Oct 2017 4:00pm
End Date 18th Oct 2017 5:30pm
Duration 1 hour and 30 minutes

In this seminar I will report on recent research looking at the relationship between the middle classes, land and housing in suburban Dar es Salaam. While much attention has rightly been paid to rural land-grabbing in Africa, all the while middle-class suburbanites have also been engaging in an ‘urban land-grab’. I consider how and where land is being accumulated and for what purposes. Middle class accumulation is highly precarious, however. The second part of the paper explores some of the current challenges to the accumulation of land and buildings and looks at the varying attempts made by middle class suburbanites, and the state, to secure value from the suburban landscape.