Event Name Storage and Spillage: Affective Possessions and the Animacy of Accumulation
Start Date 2nd Feb 2018 3:00pm
End Date 2nd Feb 2018 5:00pm
Duration 2 hours

Building upon ethnography in the hidden spaces of U.S. homes, this paper excavates carefully concealed affective intimacies with objects. Unlike curated collections, accumulations of stored things grow and seep of their own accord in darkened corners, gradually accruing mass and inserting affective hooks into the tissue of their owners' sociality, until they burst forth into visible space in ways that threaten normative values. Those who fail to contain  such accumulations are classified as hoarders, their deviance essentialized as mental disorder, while others anxiously patrol the frontiers of ordered domestic space in hopes of keeping clutter at bay. But because stored things are often part of the non-conscious cognitive apparatus through which memory, kinship, and temporality are managed, the affective force of possessions resists both mental and material containment.