Event Name The Sociology of Now: Cultural explanations of Brexit, Trump, and (not) Marikana
Start Date 16th Oct 2017 12:00pm
End Date 16th Oct 2017 2:00pm
Duration 2 hours
A conversation with Jeffrey Alexander (Yale University), David Inglis (University of Helsinki), and Liz Stanley (University of Edinburgh). 
We live in interesting times. In the UK, the causes and consequences of Brexit continue to be fiercely debated. In the USA, the erratic presidency of Donald Trump has rekindled the culture and class wars. In South Africa, the government plans to compile and sell a database collecting information on citizens structured by racial categorisation. How should we interpret these events? Should we be focussing on events or processes? What can cultural sociology offer to meet the challenge of explaining and engaging with the present? This event gathers three prominent cultural sociologists to tackle these questions.